The Power of Index-Based Performance

Equity Market Indices

A Power Select Index Annuity offers you the opportunity to grow your money based partly on the performance of these indices:

Russell 2000®

An equity index that tracks the performance of U.S. small-cap stocks with market capitalizations that average $2 billion.

S&P 500® Index (without dividend)

Created in 1957, it is widely used to represent U.S. stock market performance.


Risk-Managed Indices.

AB All Market IndexSM

To help weather all markets, this index adapts exposures across an array of growth and defensive assets using a rules-based, momentum-driven approach designed to deliver stable growth.

ML Strategic Balanced Index®

A hybrid index that seeks growth and risk management by actively allocating to equities, fixed income and cash. Allocations between equities and fixed income are rebalanced semiannually, while cash positions are adjusted on a daily basis to help manage risk.1

PIMCO Global Optima Index

A quantitative, rules-based index that seeks to provide upside return potential by dynamically adjusting its allocations to a diverse range of global equity and U.S. fixed income markets.2